Company events

A sweet touch for your company event

At La Repostería, we are proud to be the perfect choice to sweeten your company events.

We offer delicious, personalized options that will complement any business occasion, from formal meetings to celebrations.

Whether it is a product presentation, a conference, a celebration of achievements or any other corporate event, La Repostería is here to make your occasion even more special with our custom-made delicacies.

We customize cakes with your company’s logo and colors. From celebrating corporate milestones to launch events, we create cakes that reflect your brand identity.

From cupcakes to decorated cookies, we personalize sweets with your company logo. A sweet and effective way to highlight your brand at corporate events.

In any of the cake categories, we help you choose the design and size most appropriate for the number of guests. We can add “false” tiers for a spectacular cake if you have just a few diners. Prices per serving vary depending on the type of cake and the complexity of the design. We have a delivery and assembly service, check the rates.

Chocolate sponge cake with coffee liqueur syrup, raspberry mousseline cream, raspberry jam

Chocolate cake with cocoa syrup, Belgian chocolate ganache, dulce de leche and toasted almonds

Moist dark chocolate sponge cake, vanilla mousseline cream, oreo or Belgian chocolate ganache, chocolate pailletes

Orange sponge cake with citrus syrup, orange mousseline cream, chocolate ganache and chocolate chips

Coconut and pineapple sponge cake with piña colada liqueur syrup, pineapple and vanilla mousseline cream, chopped natural pineapple.

Vanilla sponge cake with syrup, chocolate muslin cream, nuts of your choice (walnut, hazelnut, peanut and almond)

Carrot cake, vanilla mousseline cream and cream cheese.

Spongy red cocoa sponge cake, vanilla mousseline cream and cream cheese.

Contact us for a tailored service

Consult with us to design a tailored service that perfectly fits the objectives and style of your business event.

We transform corporate events into unforgettable experiences.

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